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Bespoke Software

Hammer Meet Nail

Sometimes the right tool for the job hasn’t been created yet, ICS gives you these tools.


Sage Development

Sage Plus You

The are a lot of reasons to love Sage. With ICS, you have even more.


Microsoft Integration

Power and Control

If you want to get even more from Microsoft Office, ICS makes it reassuringly simple.


Database Design

Information into Insight

ICS specialises in coaxing data into becoming knowledge.


Working with your software

Why ICS?

Work Smarter

With ICS at your side, the possibilities are impressive. We add new features to existing software suites. We connect computer programmes from different vendors. Ics creates solutions that help you to reach new customers, automate complex jobs, work faster, and work smarter.

Software as Unique as your Business

From Sage to Microsoft Office, database design and implementation to web integration – if you can think of a problem, theres every chance ICS can create the answer. ICS asks what you need then finds the simplest best way to provide it. Delivered without nasty overheads, surprises or delays. And always with transparent costs.

Software for everyone

We call it software without barriers: bespoke software developed in a way that’s helpful and straightforward, it gives a new meaning to ‘user friendly’. No wonder ICS is the first choice of factories, charities, offices, schools and businesses across the UK.